The Journal of Crime and Justice

From the Editor

The Journal of Crime and Justice, the official publication of the Midwestern Criminal Justice Association, is a triennial peer-reviewed journal featuring original scholarly work in the area of crime and criminal justice. JC&J welcomes quantitative and qualitative articles and theoretical commentaries. Special topic issues are also welcomed. Current and forthcoming issues can be found at:

Prospective authors should send a cover letter with contact information and the manuscript electronically to

Michael J. Leiber - Editor
Maude Beaudry-Cyr - Assistant Managing Editor
University of South Florida

Editorial Board
Deputy Editors
Finn Esbensen
University of Missouri at St. Louis
Charis E. Kubrin
University of California - Irvine
Marvin Krohn
University of Florida
O.J. Mitchell
University of South Florida
Editorial Board Members
Jay Albanese
Virginia Commonwealth University
Eric Lambert
University of Mississippi
Melissa Burek
Bowling Green State University
Michael Lynch
University of South Florida
Mitch Chamlin
Texas State University - San Marcos
Mahesh Nalla
Michigan State University
Steve Chermak
Michigan State University
Gene Paoline
University of Central Florida
James Frank
University of Cincinnati
Nicole L. Piquero
University of Texas - Dallas
Tina Freiburger
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Nancy Rodriguez
Arizona State University
Beth M. Huebner
University of Missouri - St. Louis
Joseph Schafer
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Lorine Hughes
University of Nebraska - Omaha
Faye Taxman
George Mason University
Wesley Jennings
University of South Florida
William Wells
Sam Houston State University
William King
Sam Houston State University
Thomas Loughran
University of Maryland
Daniel Mears
Florida State University